Be a part of the harmony and join the Saltaires!

The Saltaires are always interested in bringing new performers into our ranks and we encourage you to visit our rehearsals to learn what our chorus is all about and experience the magic of melding your vocal skills with other talented and dedicated singers! We have a three-part audition process. While that may sound intimidating, the musical leadership of the group is very approachable and empathetic…after all, we’ve all gone through this at some point. We want you to succeed and will give you any feedback/coaching throughout the process.

First, attend and complete at least one full Saltaires rehearsal as a guest and let us know you would like to audition. If it is an offseason audition (during November or December), then the need to come to a rehearsal before you audition doesn’t apply. 


Part 1:
Complete a vocal assessment with the director (or other designated member of the music team). This assessment will allow us to check your vocal range. There will also be exercises that test pitch recall and aural skills, vocal quality, and the ability to hold your part/harmonize. Passing Part 1 will result in you being assigned a voice part (tenor, lead, baritone, bass) which you will learn on a specified song. We will provide you with sheet music and learning tracks for your part of the song. The song will be one of the chorus’ contest songs for the year.

Part 2:
Sing the audition song with the section leaders in a quartet. This usually takes place 2-3 weeks after Part 1, and you are welcome to come to rehearsals while you prepare for this part of the audition. The section leader of your assigned part and the director will provide feedback and coaching. You’ll be evaluated on word, note and rhythm accuracy, musical and visual performance, and coaching/feedback implementation. Passing Part 2 will result in you meeting
with a member of the board for Part 3.

Part 3:
This meeting will review membership expectations, such as financial commitments, attendance, calendaring (including required events), uniforms, individual accountability, and communication. We will also direct you to documentation that reviews the barbershop style vocabulary, riser etiquette, our contest/performance qualification process, and other documentation that will help you get up to speed. You also can ask any questions you may have. If at the end of this discussion both you and the board member agree that membership in the Saltaires is a good fit, you will be referred to our Membership VP who will walk you through becoming officially registered as a members of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the Rocky Mountain District, and the Saltaires.

Write to us using the contact form below, or send us an email at

We hope you join us!

Send us a message if you have any questions regarding auditions or membership!